Which is the most well known pattern of biodiversity Mcq?

Explanation: The latitudinal gradient has the most well-known pattern in diversity having many groups of animals and plants.

Which is the most well-known pattern biodiversity?

Latitudinal gradient – This is the most well-defined and well-known pattern of biodiversity studies till date. According to this pattern, the species diversity follows a regular pattern as we move from the equator to the polar regions.

What is biodiversity MCQ questions?

MCQ Questions on Biodiversity and Conservation

  • How many biogeographic does India have? …
  • Lime is generally added to _____ soil. …
  • _______ has the maximum genetic diversity in India. …
  • _________ is one of the most prevalent hotspots of biodiversity in India. …
  • Galápagos finches are a good example of ____________

What are the patterns of biodiversity?

Ans: The different patterns of time species biodiversity are seasonal, successional, and evolutionary patterns.

Ans: Charles Darwin described three different patterns of biodiversity, which are:

  • Species vary globally.
  • Species vary locally.
  • Species vary over time.
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Which is the largest scale of biodiversity Mcq?

Explanation: Ecological diversity is the largest scale of biodiversity. It includes the variation in both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Ecological diversity is the variation in the ecosystems found in a region in ecosystems over the whole planet. 11.

Which is the most well-known pattern of?

Answer: Latitudinal gradient – This is the most well-defined and well-known pattern of biodiversity.

What is the pattern of biodiversity class 12?

Latitudinal gradients: Species diversity generally decreases as we move away from the equator towards the poles. Tropics have more species than temperate or polar areas. Many hypotheses have been proposed by scientists to explain greater diversity in the tropics.

Who coined the term biodiversity Mcq?

Biodiversity MCQs for NEET

The term Biodiversity was coined first by E.O Wilson. It can be defined as the variability and variety of living entities and the ecological complexes in which they exist.

What is biodiversity value Mcq?

Explanation: Biodiversity forms the backbone of viable ecosystems on which we depend on for basic necessities. These ecosystem services play an important role in the functioning of our climate and in both air and water quality.

Which of the following has the greatest number of ecosystem Mcq?

Ecology and Functions of an ecosystem MCQ Question 1 Detailed Solution. The correct answer is Biosphere. The largest ecosystem of the Earth is Biosphere. On the earth, the biosphere is the largest ecosystem.

What are the 3 patterns of biodiversity?

Darwin noticed three distinctive patterns of biological diversity: (1) Species vary globally, (2) species vary locally, and (3) species vary over time. – different, yet similar, animal species inhabited separated, but similar, habitats around the globe. example: rheas, ostriches, & the emu.

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What are the Indian patterns of biodiversity?

It says that the species richness increases as we go from poles to the tropics. But in deserts , Tropical region is rich in species diversity. For example – Columbia has 1400 bird species where as India has 1200 bird species. Moreover Tropical Forest has greater species diversity than temperate forest.

What is global pattern of biodiversity?

The Global Convention on Biological Diversity, signed in 1992 at the Earth Summit, describes biodiversity as the “variability among all living organisms from all sources, including terrestrial, marine and other aquatic ecosystems and ecological complexes of which they are part, this includes diversity within species, …

Which is largest scale of biodiversity?

Ecological diversity is the largest scale of biodiversity, and within each ecosystem, there is a great deal of both species and genetic diversity.

What kind of ecosystem is known as sustainable Mcq?

A sustainable ecosystem consists of various habitats and biological surroundings. Explanation: A sustainable ecosystem can be defined as a biological environment.

Which of the following is a diversity index Mcq?

Explanation: Diversity index is the measure of diversity of species in the community.