What does the acronym do mean in environmental science?

DO stands for in environmental science?

DO: Dissolved Oxygen. DOC: dissolved organic carbon.

What is the acronym for environmental?

There are two common abbreviations of environmental: envi. and envir.

What is the acronym used for the most common waste?

IAC (in any case), here is a list of the most common EHS acronyms. If we missed one or you have a list to suggest, contact us by the feedback form !

Environmental Health & Safety Acronyms.

Acronym Description
HW Hazardous Waste
HSWA Hazardous and Solid Waste Amendments of 1984
HWM Hazardous Waste Management

What is the acronym for the human impacts on an environment?

The biggest ones can be remembered by using the acronym H.I.P.P.O.: Habitat Loss, Invasive Species, Pollution, Human Population, and Overharvesting.

What do environmental scientists do?

Environmental scientists and specialists use their knowledge of the natural sciences to protect the environment and human health. They may clean up polluted areas, advise policymakers, or work with industry to reduce waste.

What are the examples of acronyms?

Popular Acronym Examples

  • AIDS – Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. …
  • ASAP – As Soon As Possible. …
  • AWOL – Absent Without Official Leave (or Absent Without Leave) …
  • IMAX – Image Maximum. …
  • LASER – Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. …
  • PIN – Personal Identification Number. …
  • RADAR – Radio Detection and Ranging.
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What is the abbreviation for science?

There is one common abbreviation of science: sci. If you want to make it plural, simply add on an “ ‘s.”

What does the acronym aware stand for?


Acronym Definition
AWARE Americans Well-informed on Automobile Retailing Economics
AWARE Association of Women for Action and Research (Singapore)
AWARE Aquatic World Awareness Responsibility and Education (Professional Association of Diving Instructors)
AWARE Arming Women Against Rape & Endangerment

Is Hazmat an acronym?

HAZMAT is an abbreviation for “hazardous materials.”

HAZMAT is an abbreviation for “hazardous materials”—substances in quantities or forms that may pose a reasonable risk to health, property, or the environment.

What does Pao stand for in environmental engineering?

PAO. Phosphorus-Accumulating Organism (environmental engineering)

What is the acronym clean used for?


Acronym Definition
CLEAN Community, Labor, Environmental Action Network
CLEAN Commonwealth Law Enforcement Assistance Network (Pennsylvania)
CLEAN Comprehensive Long-Term Environmental Action Navy
CLEAN Comprehensive Local Environmental Action Network (Indiana)

What does Hippo mean in environmental science?

Wilson coined the acronym HIPPO to summarize those threats in order of descending importance. H=Habitat Loss, I=Invasive Species, P=Pollution, P=Human Population, and O=Overharvesting.